About Us

D-IDEAS is a sales Agent, a Buying office and a fashion Consultant.

Sales Agent

D-Ideas is proud to represent its clients & their products in the exciting, ever changing fashion markets. D-Idea is making use of its strong fashion sense to find the right products and its commercial expertise to extend our client’s customer base. Partnering with D-Ideas can effectively extend the business footprint into some of the world’s fastest growing & lucrative consumer markets, like the Greater China. A business relationship with D-Ideas allows you to focus on your core design & production process, whilst D-Ideas extend your reach & explore new potential, ultimately helping you to become a stronger & more successful brand & business.

D-Ideas know the Asian markets & know them well. It focus on the world’s fastest-growing economies such as Greater China, Singapore & South Korea. D-Ideas has also strong connection in Thailand built up through past working relationships in fashion business. There is a big potential there – more & more new modern shopping malls, & people are not less ‘fashionistas’ than other Asians.

Buying office

D-Ideas offer a platform for fashion brands and retailers to meet each other. It has the expertise to pick the most trending elements at first tier fashion retailers. It digests the news and offer advice to retailers. It connects the retailing customers to showrooms or brands direct sales team. We offer help in making selection, placing orders and negotiating terms.

D-Ideas travels frequently to Europe to foster relationships with showrooms & brands. Meanwhile, its experience with Asian markets give it the best knowledge regarding buyer tastes and requests.

D-Ideas acts as retailers’ eyes and ears in the marketplace. It prides itself in being there first, first to discover new talents & trend, first to bring them to our clients.

Fashion Consultant

With its solid hands-on experience in fashion buying, from budgeting, formulating open-to-buy plan, buying trips organization, making selection, negotiating terms, placing orders, to following up on shipment, floor merchandising, to even marketing, pricing, formulating mark-down strategy, target achievement analysis... all sorts of consulting works are deliverable per request.