Simeon Farrar

Simeon Farrar is a London based designer who studied fine art and has been a painter for 10 years before he launched his label of men’s (and then ladies) ready-to-wear in 2004. The prints, originating from his paintings, are little punk & underground. Recently, it added certain sense of cuteness and romance. All the tees are screen-printed by hand (sometimes dyed & washed before drying, leaving a random unfinished trail). Tie & dye or bleaching are particular treatments to its clothes. As a result, each piece is a one-off piece. There is a new technique called Heat Transfer which is also applied at Black Score collection. The print is rich in colour and at the same time remain soft on the fabric. There is also digital prints on cotton or polyester creating unique allover-print fabric for tops, bottoms or outerwear. The brand has developed into a total look collection for men’s & ladies with some bags & sometimes caps.

Simeon Farrar, being the main label, should be more appealing to high end fashion retailers. It is made of better fabric quality, has bigger, more sophisticated multi-coloured prints of stronger theme, more advanced washing and printing technique & a total look collection with matching tops & bottoms. 

Current stockists are Merci (Paris), Ron Herman (US) etc. For Asia, we sold to the best stores - Club 21 (Singapore & Malaysia), Boon the Shop (S.Korea), Apt-3r (Taiwan), Bagmania (Taiwan), Isetan (Japan), United Arrows (Japan).